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Why You Should Never Pour Grease Down the Drain

If you’ve poured grease down the drain at any point in your life, you may have come to realize it can actually affect the entire sewer system over time!

Experiencing plumbing issues creates a nightmare for anyone, whether you are a homeowner or a tenant. This can lead to expensive and inconvenient issues that should be prevented to the highest extent.

Using a professional service such as BJC Plumbers located in Jersey City, NJ can actually help you modify and correct any disturbances you may be experiencing from pouring grease down the sink and pipes over the years.

Please take a moment to go through their website. Let us take a closer look at why this is something that should be avoided at all times.

Whether it’s grease such as bacon lard or commonly used cooking oils such as olive or vegetable oil, they will both solidify after eventually cooling off.

If these substances solidify once you have poured them down the sink, they prevent water from flowing freely and you end up with a clogged sewage system.

In due course, the grease and cooking oils can end up affecting local sewer systems and septic tanks as well which can in turn affect your neighbors and community.

greasy stuff

Because pouring grease down the sewer can cause serious issues over time, it is imperative that we are aware of what to do with the leftover grease and dispose of it correctly so that we may preserve the integrity of our plumbing systems.

A common mistake that people make is pouring hot water into the sink as a means of “dissolving the grease” that is found in the pipes. This method is not advisable since water does not dissolve oils and will in fact just delay the inevitable clogged sewage system.

Rather than doing this, once the oil or grease has reached room temperature, soak these substances up with a paper towel and simply throw it in the trash.

wipe grease before cleaning
Suggested Method 1: Soak Grease in Paper Towels

Another useful method would be to pour your oils and grease into a designated can while they are still hot and dispose of later. While this does take a little more time and effort than simply pouring them down the sink, they are viable alternatives that can save you many headaches due to damaged plumbing in the future.

transfer the grease
Suggested Method #2: Pour Used Grease in Bottle/Container

Unfortunately many people pour grease down the drain for years and are left with expensive consequences that will need to be addressed by a professional.

A grease clog in your drain pipe will trap all the debris and food particles from your sink. A full high-quality service company such as BJC Plumbers can remove debris that is clogging your pipes.

BJC plumbers offer preventative maintenance and emergency repairs 24/7. Their website is: