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Furnace Service & Maintenance

What does Furnace Maintenance include?

Furnace maintenance is a preventive heating service that includes a comprehensive inspection and tune-up of your system. Given that the majority of people only contact HVAC service when something goes wrong, you may be wondering, “Do I really need furnace maintenance service?”

Yes, furnace maintenance is necessary if you want to save money, stay comfortable, and reap other benefits. Here are some helpful answers to frequently asked questions about furnace maintenance service to explain why this is the case.

Is there a checklist?

Furnace tune-ups involve inspecting and adjusting all of the system’s critical components, as well as cleaning, testing, and/or lubricating them as needed. Our furnace maintenance checklist includes the following specific tasks:

Inspecting the vent system and air intake grilles and clearing any obstructions
Examining the heat exchanger for signs of wear and corrosion
Examining and cleaning the blower, including the removal of any debris
Examining and testing the blower motor’s amp draw
Inspecting the electrical connections, tightening them as needed, and/or replacing damaged wiring
Examining the burner and the flame sensor
Inspecting the belts for signs of damage or cracks
Inspecting and calibrating the thermostat as needed
All moving parts in the heating system should be lubricated.
Checking, cleaning, and replacing the air filter as needed
Checking and testing the safety controls and startup cycle of the system
Additional steps included in furnace maintenance service if you have an oil or gas furnace include:

Looking for potential leaks in fuel lines
Checking and testing the gas pressure, burner, and pilot light
Examining the thermocouple
And even more!


We recommend furnace tune-ups at BJC Plumbers Jersey City:

At the very least once a year: Annual furnace maintenance can help to keep your system running smoothly. If you’re serious about maintaining optimal indoor air quality—or if anyone in your home has respiratory issues or a compromised immune system—generally it’s best to schedule furnace tune-ups more frequently, such as twice a year.
Prior to the cold season: The best time to schedule furnace maintenance is before you need to use your system on a daily basis when the temperatures drop. The end of summer and beginning of fall are typically the best times for a furnace tune-up in the Jersey City metro area. By scheduling a furnace tune-up before winter arrives, you can ensure that your system is ready to meet your comfort needs for the duration of the upcoming cold season!

What are the benefits of annual furnace maintenance?

Regular furnace tune-ups provide several benefits, including:

Saving money: Furnace maintenance ensures that your heating system operates at peak efficiency. This can result in monthly energy bill savings. This savings can eventually cover the cost of regular furnace tune-ups!
Keeping the warranty: Many furnace warranties include provisions for routine maintenance. If yours does, regular tune-ups are critical to keeping your warranty valid and ensuring you have the coverage you require if something goes wrong during the warranty period.
reducing the possibility of unexpected breakdowns: Minor issues can be identified and addressed with regular furnace maintenance before they become more serious issues. That means fewer system failures, fewer heating repairs, and fewer chances of being without heat during the cold season.
Increasing the life of a furnace: A well-maintained furnace can last well over a decade, allowing you to maximize your investment.

How much does a furnace tune up cost?

Furnace maintenance is one of the most cost-effective heating services offered by a professional HVAC company. While the exact cost depends on the type of furnace you have, in general, signing up for a maintenance plan will get you the best deal on furnace maintenance.

BJC Plumbers of Jersey City provides the following services:

Maintenance plans that save money: Our maintenance agreements make regular tune-ups and service in the Twin Cities as affordable and convenient as possible for homeowners.
Deals and special offers: We run special promotions on a regular basis to give our customers the opportunity to save money whenever possible!
Contact BJC Plumbers of Jersey City today to learn more about our heating maintenance plans or to schedule a furnace tune-up in the Jersey City metro area!

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