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Plumbing Services

Even if it’s faucet replacement, plumbing repairs, or sewer and drain cleaning service, BJC Plumbers is ready to help the whole Jersey City and its surrounding areas. We provide 24/7 service at affordable rates. With our knowledge and resources we can identify solutions to effectively solve your problems.

Call BJC Plumbers today. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Not like your average plumber or franchised-owned drain commercial enterprise, we’ve got seen all of it.

It is able to appear like a simple repair or an outstanding “DIY task” however replacing or repairing a tap is nice left in professional hands.

Repair, deploy or full substitute, we will do all of it. In addition to fixing troubles along with your bathroom, we also replace bathroom vanities.

We are right here to address all components of your plumbing desires along with installing or repairing supply and drain strains.

Whether it’s far a clogged kitchen drain resulting from a hairball or a leaky faucet; we are here to relieve all of your plumbing troubles and connect them as speedy and successfully as feasible.

Professional Plumbing and Sewer Services in Jersey City, NJ

Here at BJC Plumbers, our services cover all kinds of projects inclusive of plumbing, system installation, preventative maintenance, and emergency repairs for your home or business. We are dedicated to being responsible for our clients with prompt, professional and friendly service. If you want it fixed it as soon as possible, then call us!

We can help you take care of water quality issues, common to this area of New Jersey, by checking your specific matter and installing the suitable water treatment system to remediate it. And we will maintain, repair and replace if necessary.

Our goal at BJC Plumbers is to keep in touch with any changes in our industry, so that we can always provide you the latest and most current information and services. Aiming to achieve our company goals, we offer special services such as 24-hour emergency plumbing service.

Give us a call today and let us answer any questions or concerns that you may have. We hope for speaking with you.

Why consider our plumbing services?


We concentrate on your plumbing and drainage needs in an appropriate, courteous and professional manner, every time you need us!

When you contact us, you are in good hands of plumbing professionals that have the expertise and experience required to cater you with a broad analysis of your plumbing situation and fix it right the first time.


You can count on our expert plumbers to provide high quality service for all your plumbing needs, from basic repairs of virtually any water fixture in your home, replacement of safety and convenience products like sump pumps and disposals new water and leak repairs, to a wide variety of upgrades like low-flow toilets, whole house water filters, and bathroom and kitchen remodels. 

We provide expert drain clearing service in Jersey City, whether your issue is located in your home or even outside underground.


If you feel confident repairing a broken fixture or clogged drain yourself and just need the parts, not the service, you can breathe easy knowing that we use high quality, professional-grade products.

But, what happens when you put that washer on too tight, or when your plumbing snake gets caught in the toilet while trying to fix a clogged drain? You may not want to confirm it, but if you need our help, you can call us anytime, and we won’t say a word about your attempted efforts. 

We understand the value of using high-quality parts, and the products we install on a regular basis are designed to last for years. From sales, repairs, installations, BJC Plumbers supports each and every aspect of our business, and there is nothing we would install in your home or business that we would not otherwise use ourselves.


Don’t take no notice of sewer odors.

Let’s face it, taking on sewage problems stinks. After flushing waste out, it’s easy to put it out of mind. But, like your other plumbing functions, your sewer needs to be frequently maintained and serviced for ideal use. If you smell a strange sulfur odor, it can be a sign of trouble with your sewage. 

What you are smelling is hydrogen sulfide, which arises from decaying matter. If you suspect plumbing issues in your home it is necessary you contact BJC Plumbers. Our skilled specialists handled everything from sewer leak detection to repairs.

Common Causes of Sewer Odor at Home:

  • Damaged Drain Line – if the drain line between the trap and the main sewer is damaged, water and sewage can leak out.
  • Malfunctioning Vent – if your plumbing vent system does not work properly, the sewer gasses may escape inside the home, rather than above like it should.
  • Dry Trap – if your drain line is not often used, it might dry out and break the trap seal.

Because sewage can consists of hazardous matter, it is important to detect the cause of any sewer odors in your home.


Small water leaks commonly spiral into bigger problems, so it’s better to address them immediately to save your time and give you peace of mind. 

Leak detection may seem simple, but it frequently requires proper equipment and expertise to solve the problem in as short a time as possible. Some signs to keep an eye out for:

  • High Water Bill – do you observe your water bill going up, without actually using more water?
  • Unusual Sound – do you hear water running even when no water is being used?
  • Water Meter/Pump Changes – your water meter or your pump can help determine if you have leak. If you have meter, check your meter. Wait an hour or two without using any water and check the meter again. If the reading changed, it can mean that you have a leak. If you use well water and have a pump, listen to hear if it is running when no water is being used. If it is, then you probably have a leak.
  • Foundation Cracks – are there cracks forming in your walls or flooring?

Our plumbers are highly qualified and trained to determine the source of your leak with efficiency and fix it in no time at all.

The BJC Plumber's Guarantee

Priority Scheduling

With the “BJC Plumbers Assurance” plan, clients are always granted priority when emergencies happen─ day or night.

Personalized Records

We will secure records of your plumbing system, giving you with a greater peace of mind.

Privileged Pricing

You will always enjoy a special plumber discount from our standard pricing as a BJC Plumbers client.

Periodic Specials

Every now and then, we will send out specials with even greater savings as a loyalty reward to our regular clients.


When you call BJC Plumbers, you will connect with one of our own staff at our location, not a separate call center or an answering machine.

Our friendly dispatchers will take all of your information about what you need and arrange an appointment, putting up your schedule to our best ability while making sure we send the technician with the best combination of skills, knowledge, and background for your situation.

At your appointment, the technician will check out the situation and make recommendations to you with upfront pricing. You can make a decision pertaining to your wants, needs, and budget.

Once you decide, the plumber will instantly begin the work, coming prepared to take care of the problem. Payment is due at the end of the visit when the work has been completed.


Yes, we charge a service fee. We are honest about it too. We don’t hide it in our pricing and tell you we don’t charge one at all. Our service fee helps to cover the cost of having our plumbers visit your home or business and accurately assess what work needs to be done.


You deserve quality plumbing care without having to put a scratch in your budget. That’s why we offer ways for you to save. It’s time you receive the exceptional plumbing services you deserve. BJC Plumbers is here for you 24/7 with the right solution. 

Know what to expect with our upfront pricing method, honest recommendations, and transparent way of doing business. Call us today for your free estimate, we’re available during our regular business hours.

Please call us today when you have any questions about any of our services, or have an emergency. We’re glad to speak about on the phone with you any troubles which you have together with your family plumbing and provide any advice we are able to, earlier than we actually come on your place. If five minutes of loose recommendation is all you need, we are happy to help. Our intention is to be there for you, promptly and in a well mannered way when something arises that requires a professional’s careful touch. Constructing robust relationships is a key part of our enterprise.