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Reasons For Stinky Plumbing Problems

Your plumbing can be awful at times. Not that your pipes are leaking or that your toilet isn’t flushing properly, either. We are speaking literally. Your plumbing may occasionally smell unpleasant. It occasionally even has an extremely awful odor. Numerous reasons, some more evident than others, might lead to stinky plumbing issues. Regardless of the origin, no one should have to live with nauseating plumbing odors in their house.

We outline the four most frequent causes of terrible plumbing odors, along with advice on how to avoid and prevent them, in an effort to debunk (and diffuse) their mystery. If you use these suggestions, you may make sure that your bathroom stays a haven rather than a… stank estuary.

a damaged sewer line 

Your sewage line might be harmed by a variety of factors. Clogs can accumulate to the point that the line bursts due to pressure. The line might be broken by tree roots. The line itself could split and sink into the ground as a result of the soil. Sewage is seeping from a damaged sewer line. The poop smells bad. The biggest indication of a sewer line breach might be the sewage odor emanating from your drains and outside your house. 

If you suspect a sewer line leak, listen for gurgling sounds coming from the drains and persistent bug issues. Unfortunately, a sewer line breach cannot be fixed quickly or effectively by a do-it-yourselfer. You must make an immediate call to experts. Professionals will need to either dig into your yard or use trenchless sewer repair to fix or replace the damaged sewage line before it gets worse.

Keep your waste disposal clean. 

Your garbage disposal receives various kinds of rubbish. That’s not necessarily a problem because it’s there to assist you… After all, get rid of the trash. Sadly, though, with time dirt can accumulate on the inside of garbage disposals if regular cleaning and maintenance are not performed. Your disposal may begin to smell bad from the food waste that has stuck to the interior. 

You may clean your garbage disposal in a variety of methods. Whatever method you use, be sure to unplug your disposal before beginning! After that, you should only require a little dish soap, water, and a sponge to rinse it out. Baking soda and vinegar are another option. Try running the disposal with some ice and lemon peels after you’ve cleaned the garbage disposal. Citrus peel’s natural oils may leave a fragrant coating on the disposal’s blades.

You have issues with the p-trap.

The “p” or “u”-shaped section of pipe located below your sinks, showers, and other plumbing fixtures is known as a “p-trap,” which is an oddly apt name for the pipe’s design. The p-trap has enough water in it to stop harmful sewer gas and odors from rising and exiting your drain. 

Your showers and toilets’ p-traps may become dry if you use them infrequently. Unless there is enough water in the p-traps to block it, rotten-smelling sewer gas could ascend through your pipes.  The issue can be resolved by just running water through your infrequently used fixtures.

Bacterial biofilm has accumulated on you.

Hair and filth (biofilm) on the underside of the drain cover.

Biofilm build-up may be the reason of the foul smell coming from your shower drain. The buildup of waste from shower items like oil, shampoo, soap, or lotions over time can result in a substance termed “biofilm.” Naturally occurring bacteria will start to stick to and feed on biofilm as it builds up in the drain. That bacteria from the biofilm is what you can smell. 

Fortunately, treating biofilm is simple. All you have to do is use natural cleaning to get rid of the accumulated bacteria. Five to ten liters of hot water—not boiling—should be poured down the drain. Then add one cup of white vinegar and one and a half cups of baking soda. Wait a while.  Run a second pot of hot water down the drain after two hours have passed. Both the biofilm and the odor need to be wiped away.

Get a Smell Good Plumber and Smell Good Things

Ask a professional to assist you get rid of the rotten egg smell coming from your plumbing. The good news is that the majority of odorous plumbing issues are extremely simple to resolve. Call the staff at BJC Plumbers Jersey City if your issue requires a more technical solution. A good-smelling plumber is all that is necessary to solve a smelly plumbing issue.