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03.2 - how to proling the life of your water heater

Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Water Heater: A Practical Advice

A dependable water heater quietly plays a crucial role in your daily life. You may not think much about it, but when it breaks down, it can be a real inconvenience. Here at Best Plumbing in Des Moines, WA, we’ve been serving our community for over forty years, offering top-notch water heater installation, repair, and maintenance services. We understand the importance of a well-functioning water heater, and we’re here to share some tips to help you get the most out of yours!

Understanding Your Water Heater

Before we dive into the tips for extending your water heater’s lifespan, it’s essential to know the basics. In Des Moines, WA, electric water heaters are the most common choice. These heaters run on electricity, making them eco-friendly and relatively easy to use compared to gas-powered ones.

While gas water heaters might seem like a budget-friendly option at first, it’s important to compare models for efficiency, as it can vary even among the same type. Both electric and gas heaters benefit from regular flushing as part of routine maintenance.

Now, let’s explore two other options:

  • Tankless Heaters: These are like magic heaters. They heat water on demand, which means you get hot water instantly without waiting for gallons of water to warm up. Plus, they’re compact and energy-efficient.
  • Hybrid Heaters: Think of these as the superheroes of water heaters. They use a combination of electricity and heat pumps to work efficiently. Not only are they energy-efficient, but in King County, you might even qualify for rebates for being eco-conscious.

TLC for Your Water Heater

Your water heater needs some care, just like your favorite plant or pet. The specific TLC routine can vary depending on the type of water heater you have, but regular check-ups are essential to keep it running smoothly and extend its lifespan.

If the idea of dealing with hot water equipment makes you nervous, don’t worry! You can always call in the pros (that’s us!). We’re more than happy to come by for an annual water heater check-up or to schedule routine maintenance.

Fixing It Up

Imagine your water heater starts acting up. But before you think about replacing it, consider this – sometimes, you can give it a second chance by fixing it up. It’s like helping out a good friend in need.

For instance, if you have a gas heater, the control valve or thermal ignitor might call it quits, but the rest of the gang is still going strong. By swapping out these weaker parts, your heater can be back in action without draining your wallet. Electric heaters might need a new temperature or pressure release valve, but that doesn’t mean you have to kiss the whole unit goodbye.

When It’s Time to Say Goodbye

Of course, there are times when your water heater has seen better days and needs to retire. It’s like that old car that’s just not worth fixing anymore. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Leaks: If your heater is dripping water at the top or bottom, it’s time to bid farewell.
  • Noises: If your heater starts making strange sounds, it might be time to let it rest in peace.
  • Cold Showers: When your hot water isn’t so hot anymore, it’s a sign your heater is on its last legs.
  • Rusty Surprise: If your taps are spewing out rusty water, it’s a cry for help from your heater.

But, before you throw a farewell party for your water heater, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional plumber. They can tell you if it’s time to replace or if there’s still some life left in it.

At BJC Plumbers Jersey City, we’re like water heater whisperers. Whether it’s keeping it healthy with regular check-ups, fixing it up when it’s acting out, or knowing when it’s time to part ways, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t wait until your water heater leaves you shivering on a chilly morning. Reach out to us 24/7 with any of your plumbing questions or concerns. We’ll give you the lowdown on your water heater and make sure it’s in tip-top shape.

In a nutshell, taking care of your water heater is like giving it a spa day. By understanding your heater type, showing it some love with regular check-ups, considering a makeover when it acts up, and knowing when it’s time to let it retire, you can keep your home’s unsung hero running smoothly. If you’re in the New Jersery area or nearby, BJC Plumbers Jersey City is your go-to for all things water heater-related. Give us a shout today, and let’s keep that hot water flowing!