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04.2 - protecting your plumbing from hurricane

Hurricane Season Preparedness: Protecting Your Home and Plumbing

Living in Jersey City, we know that hurricane preparedness is a crucial part of life. Just like Floridians, we need to ensure our families and homes are ready for whatever the hurricane season may bring. While you might already have your emergency food, cash, and gas supplies ready, it’s essential not to overlook plumbing preparations. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down some critical steps to safeguard your plumbing during hurricane season and provide you with additional insights to keep your home safe.

Understanding the Hurricane Season

Before diving into plumbing preparations, let’s briefly understand the hurricane season. In Jersey City, the hurricane season typically runs most in the month of September, due to warm ocean waters and specific atmospheric conditions. While we can’t prevent hurricanes, we can prepare for them effectively.

1. Store More Than Just Drinking Water

We all know that after a hurricane, having one gallon of drinking water per person per day is essential for survival. However, it’s easy to forget that our water needs go beyond drinking. You’ll also need water for:

  • Washing Dishes: With limited supplies, you’ll want to wash dishes efficiently to conserve water.
  • Clothes: Keeping your clothes clean is vital for hygiene and comfort.
  • Personal Grooming: Basics like brushing teeth and bathing require water.
  • Handwashing: Proper hand hygiene is crucial, especially during post-storm cleanup.

Make sure to store more water than you think you’ll need to cover all these needs during the initial post-storm period. Additionally, consider purchasing water purification tablets or filters in case your water supply gets compromised.

2. Locate Your Water Shut-Off Valve

Many homeowners assume they don’t need to worry about shutting off their water supply because their pipes are well-protected. However, knowing where your water shut-off valve is located can save you from costly damage if the water line gets affected during the storm. Take a few minutes to find and clearly mark this valve.

Extra Tip: Emergency Plumbing Shut-Off

If you’re in a high-risk hurricane area, consider installing an emergency shut-off valve. This valve can be operated remotely, allowing you to turn off your water supply quickly even if you’re not at home.

3. Service Your Sump Pump

If your home has a crawl space with a sump pump, it’s crucial to have it serviced before hurricane season hits. Certified technicians can ensure it’s set up correctly and working efficiently, all in a single visit. The sump pump plays a crucial role in preventing basement flooding during heavy rains, which often accompany hurricanes.

Extra Tip: Backup Power for Your Sump Pump

Consider providing your sump pump with a backup power source, such as a generator or battery. This step will keep it running in case of a power outage, ensuring your basement stays dry even during the storm.

4. Secure Your Water Heater

Having a certified technician secure your water heater to the wall in your utility area with earthquake straps is a smart move. These easy-to-install straps will ensure that your water heater and expansion tank stay in place even if a window breaks during a hurricane.

Extra Tip: Tankless Water Heaters

If you’re considering replacing your water heater, think about installing a tankless water heater. These units are often more hurricane-resistant as they have no large tank that can be compromised. Consult a professional plumber, such as those from BJC Plumbers Jersey City, to explore this option further.

By taking these proactive steps to prepare your home and plumbing now, you’ll gain unparalleled peace of mind this hurricane season. If the worst should happen, you can rest assured that you and your home are ready to weather the storm.

Remember, hurricane preparedness is not just about stocking up on supplies; it’s also about safeguarding your home’s essential systems, like plumbing. Don’t wait until a storm is looming on the horizon; start your preparations today to ensure the safety and comfort of your family and your property.

Hurricane preparedness is a responsibility we all share. By understanding the season, storing enough water, locating your water shut-off valve, servicing your sump pump, and securing your water heater, you’re taking significant steps to protect your home and loved ones. Your safety and peace of mind matter, so let’s stay prepared for whatever the hurricane season may bring.