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Five Causes Of Inadequate Hot Water Supply

Five Causes Of Inadequate Hot Water Supply

Taking our hot water heaters for granted is simple. We don’t give it much thought till we go to turn on the hot water and it doesn’t. So there’s a problem. Several distinct factors could be at play if your hot water heater isn’t producing enough hot water. Here are five possible explanations for it.


Sediment buildup in your tank may be an indication of a more serious problem and impair the flow of hot water from the tank. Minerals can accumulate at the bottom of the tank over time and, particularly in locations with hard water, this might prevent the water from being heated sufficiently. Draining your tank annually to remove the silt is one way to address this problem. However, corrosion is indicated by the rust in your water. Therefore, you should replace your heater as soon as possible.


A thermostat manages the temperature in the tank on your hot water heater. You can attempt to raise the temperature if it isn’t becoming warm enough. However, watch out for going above 140 degrees, as the water can scald at that point. You could not be getting enough hot water if the thermostat isn’t working properly. To ensure that the thermostat is operating correctly, a licensed plumber may be required to inspect it.

A Compact Water Heater

The fact that your hot water heater is too small for your home or your demands could also be the cause of your insufficient hot water supply. This can be the situation if you set up the water heater on your own. To decide the proper size for your home, it is advisable to speak with a specialist. Today, some tankless systems can provide hot water that never runs out.

Jump Tube

In order to avoid the cold supply water from contaminating the hot water at the top of the tank, water is delivered to your hot water tank through a plastic tube that extends all the way to the bottom of the tank. The hot water at the top may get significantly cooled if this tube breaks or falls off because the cold water may mingle with it.


It’s likely that you will run out of hot water if you are juggling multiple tasks that all require it. Because of this, it’s preferable to use appliances like dishwashers and washing machines while no one is taking a shower or a bath.

How often should you have a plumber fix your hot water heater?

If you believe your hot water heater is beyond repair or is too small for your house, a specialist may be needed. Since 1992, BJC Plumbers Jersey City has provided assistance to residents of Jersey City, NJ. Call (201) 885-7265 right away to arrange for us to take a check at your hot water heater.