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Cost of Dripping Sink | Plumbers in Jersey City | BJC Plumbers

How Much can a Dripping Sink Cost Me in Water Bills?

Folks, a leaky sink can be a costly thing to ignore. 

If not properly checked, your plumbing will become a time-sink and a money-sink also! You’ve got to stay one step ahead of your faulty hardware in your home in order to minimize costs for your repairs and for your utility bills.

Your utility bill for your water consumption is typically based on volume, so picture this: Your sink is dripping one drop a second, quickly filling an empty milk jug underneath. That milk jug is one gallon in volume!

So with that image in your head, realize that a leaky sink that drips up to 30 drips every minute can generate a volume of one thousand gallons. A thousand milk jugs, filled to the brim with wasted water!

The potential money spent just ignoring a leaky faucet pales in comparison to the amount of water you’ve spent!

For the sake of the environment, a leaky faucet has far more sinister implications. Imagine how much of that clean water could have been spent elsewhere! Watering a garden, giving to a child in need, brewing a lovely cup of tea.

Literally anything besides dripping down your pipes!

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Not to mention that little dripping noise every time you step into the room with that faucet. That is so maddening! For sensory-sensitive home owners, it would be in your best interest to fix that dripping sink as soon as possible.

In conclusion folks, a dripping sink would cost roughly sixty dollars a month. That’s seven hundred and twenty dollars a year! And the potential for all of that money? Well, that’s a whole other post.

Fix your things! Your family and your utility bill will thank you in the long run for the hard work you put in day to day for them.